Raghid el-Solh

1942 – 2017



Raghid was born in Beirut on 7 July 1942, the youngest of four children, to Kazem & Yesser el-Solh. He attended the International College school in Beirut


He graduated with a BA in Political Science from the American University of Beirut in 1964 Here with his mother and two sisters


While living in Beirut, Raghid worked as a journalist, including Editor of Arab Affairs in Assayad, a Lebanese weekly and director of another weekly


He married Camillia Fawzi on 7 March 1973


Masters at University of London followed by a PhD at Oxford University

Raghid with his wife Camillia and daughter Lina
Raghid worked as a freelance independent writer and consultant on Arab and regional affairs for most of his working life, including regular columns in Al-Hayat (London), Al-Ittihad (Abu Dhabi/UAE), and Al-Khaleej (Sharjah/UAE). He also made frequent appearances on Satellite Television (e.g. MBC, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Al-Jazeera, Oman) as a political commentator and regional expert

He spoke at many conferences

From Khartoum to Tehran: controversy in the region

Middle East: behind the Autumn doors

The GCC and Regional Security - The GCC Countries: Politics and Economics conference

American Approaches to the Arab Revolutions - The Arab World and the US conference

The Future of US-GCC Relations - The Arab World and the US conference


He spent 5 years as Academic Consultant and Editor of a series on the archival history of the Arab region. This included production of a series on the history of Oman
He took up the post of Political Affairs Officer, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN ESCWA) in Beirut/Lebanon for two years


Raghid published Lebanon and Arabism. National Identity and State Formation, based on his PhD thesis

He also published a book on Britain’s involvement in the wars in Iraq
He was an Adviser at the Issam Fares Centre for Lebanon based in Beirut

Raghid with his two grandchildren Harry and Lily on holiday in Beirut

Raghid with his wife Camillia