Mounira el Solh


1911 - 1930s early years


Born in 1911 in Baalbek Lebanon. Pictured with her siblings, Mounira is standing on the right.


Mounira graduates in 1933 from what is known today as the Lebanese American University, after which she becomes a teacher in Baghdad.


In 1935 Mounira elopes with her cousin Wahid el Solh. They get married in Sidon before going to Haifa, Palestine.


On 31 March 1942 Mounira’s son Salim was born disabled, which influenced her life long devotion to fighting for the rights of the disabled.
1940s - 1960s radical years


Mounira was politically active throughout her life, none more so than during the demonstrations for Lebanese independence from France in 1943. She lead many demonstrations. In 1951 she becomes a member of the Lebanese Council of Women.


On 13th October 1958, tragedy strikes with the assassination of Mounira’s husband Wahid. He was assassinated for political reasons during the civil war that year.


In 1960 Mounira becomes the first woman in Lebanon and probably in the Arab world to wage a campaign for legislative elections when she ran for a Beirut seat. She ran again in 1964 and 1968, but never won.


Mounira Solh throws herself into her work, and establishes Al-Amal Institute for the Disabled in Broummana, Lebanon, the first of its kind in the Arab world.


Al-Amal Institute
1970s onwards - Conferences and Awards

Mounira attends conferences worldwide.

She is the recipient of many awards, including the prestigious Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Mother’s leadership Award 2000-2005.