Adel el-Solh

1902 – 1975



Adel was born in Beirut in 1902. He studied at Sheikh Ahmad Abbas el Azhari school and the Jesuit school. He gained a Law degree from St Joseph University.


He married Nazli Darwish Pasha from Turkey in 1926. They had 3 children, Monah, Maha and Hisham.

Nazli and Adel back left with relatives and their three children.

Adel with his cousin Sami el Solh who was Prime Minister.
Adel was vice president of the Republican Party, which he founded with Sheikh Aziz el Hashim in 1930. Both men went to France to lobby the government and radical leftist groups for Lebanese and Syrian independence from France. He was a member of the National Call Party (al Nida) headed by his brother Kazem and later Takieddine. He also contributed to the newspaper An Nida, founded by his brother Kazem.

An-Nida Newspaper published in Arabic and sometimes in French

Adel with Camille Chamoun and Sami el Solh.
After Lebanese Independence in 1943, he continued to play a role in bringing Lebanon and Syria closer together through his family relations.
He became Mayor of Beirut in 1955 and retained the position for six years

Inspecting the troops

On board the USA 6th fleet moored in Beirut

Adel with the King of Saudi Arabia
While Mayor of Beirut, Adel help several receptions entertaining foreign dignitaries at the Sanayah Gardens, highlighting the importance of parks in the lives of Beiruties.


He wrote two books, the first about Prince Abdel Quadir al Jazairi (the Algerian leader) published in 1966 and re-edited in 2014. And the second book, about The Republican Party (Hisb el Istiklal al Jomhouri) published in 1970.